FULL TOUR: See a 2024 Standard Guest Room at Port Orleans Riverside in Disney World

Don’t you just love getting to stay on Disney World property?

Port Orleans Riverside

And you have plenty of options. Will you choose a deluxe, moderate, or value hotel? They all have their own unique theme, and truly you’re going to have a great experience at all of them. But let’s focus on one hotel in particular — Disney’s Port Orleans Resort Riverside, and let’s have a look at what you can expect in one of their standard rooms!

Disney Vacation Planner

We love Port Orleans and think it’s an awesome hotel when you consider the amenities you get for the price. If you’ve been to Fort Wilderness, you might find that this resort has a similar feeling to it, like it’s an outdoor escape with so much to do. This is considered a moderate resort, meaning the prices will be somewhere in the middle of Disney’s hotel collection. Of course, the price will vary by party size, date, and room type, but most moderate rooms range from $300–$400 per night.

Port Orleans Riverside

Now, let’s shift the focus and take a tour of one of the standard rooms at the resort!

As soon you walk into the room, you’ll notice a table and chairs, a TV stand and TV mounted on the wall, two beds, and the entrance to the bathroom.

Welcome to your room!

Behind you, you can find there’s a fire safety placard on the door.

Entrance Door

Immediately to the right of the door, you’ll find the only window in the room and the AC unit below it. The window also has a blackout curtain.

The Window

To the left of the AC unit, there’s a trashcan and recycling bin.


Next to that, you’ll find the table and two chairs. Above the table is a mirror on the wall.

Table and chairs

To the left of the table, you will find a TV stand and a TV mounted on the wall.

TV Stand

The top of the TV stand is where you’ll find your icebox and coffee maker.

Coffee maker

The left side of the TV stand is where you’ll find your mini fridge.

Mini fridge

The drawers on the right-hand side open up for you to fill with anything you need.

Plenty of space

Continuing to the left, you’ll find handy dandy hooks to hang whatever you want on them.

Hooks on the wall

Below the hooks, you’ll find a bench.


That brings us to the bathroom! It has a curtain that can be opened or closed for more privacy, and it features Princess Tiana!

Tiana-themed Curtain

Here’s how it looks when the curtain is pulled back:


Immediately to your right in the bathroom is a closet area where you can hang your clothes. Also, it’s where you’ll find your extra pillows.

Bathroom closet

Tucked into the corner of the closet is where you’ll find your in-room safe.

In-room safe

In front of you is the vanity, which has plenty of storage space for your personal items.


Underneath the vanity, you’ll find a hairdryer and extra toilet paper.

Under the vanity

On the left side of the bathroom is the commode room, which does have another door that can be locked shut.

Commode Room

Also, the door has a full-length mirror on it:

Full-length mirror

The commode itself is on the right side of the room.


Directly in front of you is the bathtub/shower.


This is a great showerhead.


Here’s where you’ll find the Disney hair care and body wash products!

Disney Hair Care and Bod Wash Products

Below the products, you can find a bench in the shower to hold your shampoo and other bath products.

In-shower bench

Above the commode room, you’ll find more towels.

More towels

It’s time to continue back into the main room (which, when we’re facing away from the bathroom), we have the two queen-size beds.

Full-size beds

Each room can comfortably sleep four guests, and some rooms offer a fifth sleeper as well.


There is plenty of space under the beds for your luggage.

Space under the beds for luggage

Each headboard has unique artwork on it!

Headboard artwork

Here’s a look at the artwork on the other headboard:

Headboard artwork

In between the beds, you’ll find a bedside table with the resort phone and Hey, Disney! You’ll also find the pamphlet explaining what the digital assistant is. (Also, if you don’t want it in the room, you can unplug it!)

Resort Phone and Hey, Disney!

To the left of the beds is the door to the adjoining room.

Door to the Adjoining Room

And that’s the room! It’s got plenty of space for four people.

Standard Room

We’re always here bringing you the latest Disney news, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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